About Us

  • PANYC stands for Punk Archive New York City.

  • PANYC is a digital archive dedicated to the collection and preservation of New York City punk and underground music culture.

  • PANYC’s archive database is designed to document and preserve the historic ephemera of New York City’s punk and underground music scene from the 1970’s to today.

  • PANYC offers members of the punk and underground music community the opportunity to catalogue their collections of flyers, t-shirts, band documents, promotional materials and other ephemera, without losing possession of their artifacts. The archive also aims to include video and audio recordings.

  • PANYC is not a physical place, but rather serves to catalogue members’ precious punk and other underground music ephemera digitally in images and text. Contributors retain ownership and possession of their items, with the archive providing access to the material so that museums, galleries and serious researchers can request items of the owners for exhibition or study. The Archive does not offer items for sale.

  • PANYC is the creation of a group of NYC proto-punks who decided they needed to work to preserve the history of New York City punk and pre-punk underground music history and culture that might otherwise fall into ruin.

What is O.F.U.C.?

  • O.F.U.C. stands for Other Fabled Underground Cultures. 

  • Although PANYC focuses on New York City, it is open to possibly documenting materials from other influential underground music movements throughout the world.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about this archive, please contact us.


 If you are a cultural institution wishing to exhibit PANYC items, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


We are not a profit-making entity. We do not make money from PANYC. Rather, we have contributed our own resources to the creation of this archive.