In Memoriam

This list of friends and compatriots, but is by no means a complete list. Please send us your additions.
At this time, we especially want to remember our friends Howie Pyro and Robert Gordon.

Mariah Aguiar – photographer, worked at CBGB and Manic Panic
Lester Bangs – rock writer
Stiv Baters – singer of The Dead Boys
John Belushi – punk scenester and drummer at the Johnny Blitz benefit
Bobby Blaine – pianist for David Johansen/Buster Poindexter
Jessie Blue – singer of the Slander Band
Jim Carroll – musician and poet
Dennis Dunn – lighting person at CBGB’s
Norman Dunn – sound engineer at CBGB’s
Alison East – guitarist of Spicy Bits, the Swinging Madisons and Minors Aloud
Merv Ferguson – business partner, bouncer at CBGB’s
Robert Gordon – singer, Tuff Darts & solo career
Bryan Gregory – guitar player, The Cramps
Steve Haan – roadie for The Poppies
Don Hill – club owner
Danny Hirsch – bass player Minors Aloud, Band of Outsiders
Luxe Interior – singer of the Cramps
Alan K (Kalicki) – singer/guitar player New Toys, Lone Cowboys, Road Vultures
Arthur Kane – bass player of The New York Dolls
Kevin Kiely – bass player of The Mumps
Eliot Kidd – singer of the Demons
Nick Knox – drummer, The Cramps
Hilly Krystal – owner of CBGB and OMFUG
David Lee – bass player
Eric Li – pianist and vocalist for The Marbles
Lance Loud – vocalist for the Mumps, and the first reality star – in An American Family
Pat Loud – reality star, author, mother of Lance Loud
Walter Lure – guitar player of the Demons, The Heartbreakers and The Waldos
Jody Marineiss – sound engineer at CBGB’s
Michael Mule – roadie and sound engineer
Billy Murcia – drummer of The New York Dolls
Jerry Nolan – drummer of the New York Dolls
Susan Palermo – leader of Cheap Perfume
Anya Phillips – singer/performer with James White and the Blacks and clothing designer
Ruth Polski – booker and music promoter
Howie Pyro (Kusten) – bass player for The Blessed, D-Generation
Dee Dee Ramone (John Colvin) – bass player of The Ramones
Joey Ramone (Jeff Hyman) – singer of the Ramones
Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) – guitarist of The Ramones
Tommy Ramone (Tommy Erdelyi) – drummer and producer of the Ramones
Adam Roth – guitarist with Hoy Boy & the Doys, Del Fuegos, and the Liza Colby Sound
Mickey Ruskin – original owner of Max’s Kansas City
Jeff Salen – guitarist of Tuff Darts
Marco Sin (Weissman) – bass player of Dirty Looks
Andrea Starr – worked for Ramones Management
Linda Stein – manager of The Ramones
Elda Stiletto (Gentile) – singer of the Stilettos
Ty Stix (Bela Bizony) – drummer for the Heartbreakers, pianist, scenester
Sylvain Sylvain – guitarist and songwriter of the New York Dolls and the Criminals
Richie Teeter – drummer of the Dictators
Johnny Thunders – guitarist and songwrite of The New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers
Arturo Vega, artist for the Ramones
Helen Wheels – singer/performer with the Helen Wheels Band, songwriter for Blue Oyster Cult
Wendy Wild – singer, performer – Das Fraulein, Pulsallama
Wendy “O” Williams – singer, The Plasmatics